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Creative Design

We thoroughly enjoy the creative process of making your carpet cleaning brand "pop" online. Some people we just work with big businesses with large budgets. A greater majority of our clientele started out as owner operators and we have been with them since their humble beginnings. We have carpet cleaning web design solutions for all businesses big or small. We can provide everything from informative websites to integrating APIs for advanced functionality into your website.

Unique Content

It is important that your message is unique for prospects and current clients. Our content writing team is comprised of professional writers with many years of experience writing for the carpet cleaning & restoration industry with a variety of credentials and experience. Many of them have degrees, write for professional blogs, magazine publications, and have been writing for several years. They collectively have over 30 years of experience writing content for websites and print. You can be as involved as you want to be in the content writing process - from providing the wording and have our team check it over, or providing us with the major points you want to express and letting us do our magic.

User Friendly

When it comes to carpet cleaning web design, user experience is one of the, if not most important parts of the web design process. You can spend thousands of dollars on an aesthetically great looking carpet cleaning website but if it is difficult to find information or to get in touch with your business. The website fails its purpose completely and you've wasted your money. We strategize greatly on how we can connect information together to make it easily accessible as well as making it easy for the user to request more information from your business.

Fast Loading

The marvels of today's technology allows us to have information readily available at our fingertips. When it comes to designing a website, it is crucial that it loads quickly on any device that the user is browsing the content on. We utilize a web design process called Mobile First Design which means that we design it in a way that it will load quickly on slower connections. From clean code to optimizing the overall size of the website, website speed it at the forefront of our minds during the web design process.

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Co-Founder Steven Hoodlebrink was a cleaning and restoration professional for 10 years and was involved in large multi-truck companies as an Operations Manager. He has experience in residential and commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery and fine fabric cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, janitorial services, vct stripping and waxing, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, and trauma clean up. Other members of our team have been involved in the cleaning and restoration industry as well with a combined industry experience of over 30 years.

We've been developing/designing carpet cleaning websites and providing SEO for carpet cleaners since 2010. Over the years we've noticed many fly by night companies or individuals that are here today and gone tomorrow. Maybe they've had a little success with their own company and want to provide services for other companies but digital marketing for other businesses isn't what they do full-time. In order to keep up with the fast moving landscape of digital marketing, you need a company like ours. We continually invest into education for all of our staff, work tirelessly to improve our services, research and find ways to get more out of our services for our clients, and truly test what we do. The way we create websites and perform SEO services isn't guess work, but are backed by proven processes and systems that are data driven. We are here for the long run to help your business grow by getting more leads from your online marketing efforts.

Our websites are developed on the WordPress platform & CMS which makes it easier to manage your own content if you want. We work with a lot of businesses who like to create their own landing pages or blog content and WordPress along with our carpet cleaning website designs make it very simple to do this. In fact, after your website is finished, we can walk you through how to add pages, edit existing content, and manage your blog.

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Web Design Process


Brainstorm & Consultation

Your brand, your message, your website’s purpose, and your goals.


  • Who Are You: we learn about your brand, your ideal clients and customers, and how you want to use your website in your marketing.
  • What Will The User Accomplish: we discuss user experience and flow of the website. What information do you need from the user to close a sale?
  • Aesthetics: do you have a specific look in mind? Do you have examples of websites you like?
  • Your Goals: some web design projects begin as small ideas and grow from there. From adding new functionality on a regular basis to giving you the ability to provide content to your users.
Build It

Design & Content Creation

Whether we’re editing a template, using our framework, or doing a custom design.


  • Collect Assets: we will collect any graphics and artwork you would like used on your website. This include video as well.
  • Color Pallete: we will explore and show you color schemes for your website.
  • Wireframing & Layout: we begin the physical web design process on our server. Depending on whether we’re using a pre-existing template, our own framework, or doing a custom design. We begin to lay out the design for preview. When we are editing a template or using our framework we use “dummy text” and placeholder images initially so you can approve the placement of certain elements on each page. If we are doing a custom design we’ll design everything in Photoshop and provide you the designs for preview.
  • Custom Design Coding: for our custom design clients, after the graphical previews are approved, we will take the layouts we created and convert them to code like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.
  • Adding Content: we work with our content writing team to add the wording, final graphics, and videos to your website.
Take A Look

Preview & Edits

Go through the website, submit any changes, and final approval.


  • Page By Page: you are provided a live link to your website on our server. We urge you go through page by page and submit any edits. We will make changes quickly and provide you with a date of completion.
  • Speed Optimization: once all editing is complete we’ll compress images and perform other speed optimization techniques.


It's Alive!

Migration & Testing

We’ll gather all files and databases, and migrate them to your server.


  • On-Page Optimization: if you are providing your own SEO or marketing then we skip to the next step. However most of our clients hire us to optimize your on-page SEO. This includes titles tags, meta descriptions, alt image tags, and schema markup.
  • Test & Refine: we will perform various speed test now that the website is on your server and configure it to load the faster here.
  • Sitemap & Search Engine Submission: we will submit your sitemap to websites like Google and Bing so that they find your new website faster than them finding it naturally. This speeds up that process by several days.


When The Unexpected Happens

Backup & Preventative Maintenance

We back up your website and have maintenance plans to keep your website operating they way it should.


  • Backup: we take a copy of your entire website and upload it to our cloud backup system. We can also provide you a copy of this backup for your record as well.
  • Maintenance Plans: we develop our websites on the WordPress platform and at times updates should be done to keep your website operational and secure. If we designed your website and you purchase SEO services from us we provide small updates such as copying and pasting wording you’d like added or changing out a graphic you provide here and there for free. We also do periodic WordPress updates when necessary. If you do not SEO or other internet marketing services, updates will be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • Warranty: we stick with you for 30 days after the website is launched for small tweaks as needed. Any major changes such as added pages or added functionality will have to be quoted on a case by case basis.

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We have a few hosting plans with SiteGround ourselves, even their StartUp Plan and have been so impressed with the reliability and speed. We've tried a lot of different hosting companies over the years. Their hosting plans have included features like an SSL certificate that is crucial for websites today. Click the button above to be taken to their web hosting plans. Most clients only need the StartUp plan and we urge you to purchase for 3 years to take advantage of their intro offer.

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