The Google Sandbox & What’s Coming Next

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What’s In This Video

This is a video we’ve been wanting to make for a while now. One of the most common questions we get asked is how long does it take to rank on Google. While admittedly it’s a bit of a loaded question we’ve gotten really good at “guess-timating” and we usually hit very close. Beyond Google algorithm filters such as Penguin, Panda, Pirate, Hummingbird, and other unnamed filters. There is another factor that determines how fast a website will rank and that what we call the Google Sandbox.

What is the Google Sandbox?

The sandbox effect was noticed as early as 2004 and as years have progressed it has become more noticeable. It purposely does not allow new websites to rank quickly for competitive keywords and it also affects new pages created on existing websites. The sandbox effect can last anywhere from 1-6 months and keep you from ranking. Most carpet cleaning websites see around a 2-3 month lag in their rankings. The more competitive the keywords are, the longer the sandbox effect takes place. When internet marketing was much more easy, what we would do is blast a large amount of links at a website and wait a few weeks and we could rank well. The sandbox stops that from happening and now if you do that you will get a penalty. As much as we all talk about Google being evil and difficult, if you follow the guidelines you will do well. While your site is in the sandbox Google is looking at what you’re doing in your internet marketing efforts. Now, Google does not confirm nor deny that the sandbox is even a real thing but many respected internet marketers have been testing this for years and confirm its existence. There is also a debate on whether or not the sandbox is a penalty and while some believe it is, the majority say that it is not.

How To Check For A Penalty

google-penaltiesWhen Google penalizes a website it usually becomes de-indexed from the search results. You can test whether or not your website has a penalty by doing a few things. The easiest way is to go to Google and type in – you obviously replace with your sites URL. When you hit search and if you see results your website does not have a penalty. If you do not get any results then there is a chance that your website does have a penalty. If your website is brand new and you haven’t submitted any sitemaps to Google and it’s only been a few days to a few weeks do not fret. It is likely that Google just hasn’t crawled your site yet. To get Google to crawl your website you can again, submit your sitemaps to Google and then have Google fetch and render your site. You can do this through the Search Console previously known as Google Webmaster Tools by looking in the Crawl section in the menu on the left side of the page. We will have a video in the future to walk you through this. Another way to get Google to index your site quickly is if you participate on forums to add a link to your signature. We recommend you make this a “general link” and just link your website URL. Since the forum is established Google will crawl it more often to index the content and therefore capture your link and crawl your website.

Getting Out Of The Sandbox

Google-SandboxGoogle ultimate controls how quickly you get out of the sandbox but there are some things you can do that have been proven to help speed up that process. By now everyone knows about social media but actively participating there can help greatly. Aside from engaging your current and prospective clients on social media, it is also a great place to post your content. Most websites today are built with the WordPress platform and within WordPress is a blog. You will want to post cleaning and restoration related things to your blog but also try to do more than just that. Think of topics that homeowners actively deal with and then write content that is helpful to them. Make them want to come back to your blog as that will make Google believe you’re a credible source of information. Your online metrics will grow naturally with this and in return your ranking will too.

If you have difficulty coming up with content to put on your blog or maybe your creative juices just aren’t flowing well. Jeff Cross with Cleanfax along with Gary Arndts have created It is a great and very affordable source for cleaning and restoration marketing content.

Keep Building & Local Sources For Backlinks

If you have a newspaper in your area then most likely that newspaper has a digital version of the paper. Actively pursuing local sources such as newspapers, magazines, and other editorials are a GREAT place to get a backlink from. In fact those types of links are HUGE. Even if you have to pay a small fee to do a write up for the paper it would be worth the investment for the publicity and for the link to your website. You want to continually look for places to place a backlink but you also want to be careful and creative where you do place a link. You don’t want to place your website on link farms and you certainly don’t want to buy links on Fiverr and/or offshore links either.

Internet Marketing – Other Ideas

Again, we reiterate this a lot in the video but we cannot stress it enough. Drive traffic to your website every single way that you can think of. Right now we’re going to get into some ways that maybe you haven’t thought of or maybe ways that you have and this re-solidify that you’re doing the right things.

vlogging Whenever you blog try to make a video. There are few reasons for this – 1) It keeps people on your website longer. The longer they stay the more Google believes you’re an authoritative website on the subject. Google will rank you higher because of this as traffic and the amount of time users spend on your site is a large ranking factor too. If that isn’t enough reason to create videos with your blog posts then we have 2) You have to think of who your next clients are going to be. In a few short years you’re going to have a group of millennials that will then be adults and they will be buying homes. This group of up and coming clientele are immersed in technology and we may even go as far as saying addicted to it. All of the information they gather comes from looking at it on the Internet from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This new type of client at times can view talking on the phone as a big inconvenience. If they can video the information quickly via a video then they are going to be most likely to purchases your products or services. We highly recommend that you consider this approach when you’re doing your internet marketing. Besides, you can also upload the video to Youtube and optimize it to appear in search results and you can link back to your website.

Lastly, whenever you blog or create a video make sure you have some sort of call to action. This can be as simple as making sure your contact information is easy to find so that they can buy from you or find out more information to make a buying decision.

Generating Reviews & Giving Options

online_reviews>Most people know that gaining online reviews is a crucial part of internet marketing. If you have been actively trying to gain reviews this can be either easy or difficult. To make this process easier you should give your clients multiple ways to leave you a review. While a Google review is awesome, a review on another review websites, and reviews on your own website can be highly beneficial. If you have a WordPress website there is a customer review plugin that you can download and install. It is very easy to set up and the best part is that you can moderate the reviews. So if you have a competitor or someone attempting to ruin your reputation unjustifiably you can delete the review before it has been published to your website. At the same time, if a client has a legitimate concern you can address it properly as well. The plugin also allows you to respond as the owner just like you can on other reviews sites. An added bonus is that the plugin encodes each review with Schema Markup. This is a plugin we use a lot for our carpet cleaning websites so that they can give their clients options. We high recommend it.

Direct Mail & Email Campaigns

email-marketingAnother way to drive traffic to your website is to use in combination with other traditional marketing efforts. Your website is more than internet rankings it is literally your online sales page. Many people do not use their website to its full abilities. If you’re in the cleaning and restoration industry you have heard of Shane Deubell’s commercial marketing system. Shane was kind enough to walk us through the system and we can say it really is a game changer to help you market to commercial clients. Within the system is the email marketing portion and if you talk with Shane he will discuss a lot about the landing pages and how to use them. You can create landing pages of your own and use them with his system. This is driving traffic to your website! We know we’ve been repeating that a lot but the whole point of marketing online is to drive the traffic. If you’d like to learn more about Shane’s commercial marketing system please click this link.

You can also use direct mail/EDDM to drive traffic to your website. Always make sure that you have your website URL on all of your direct mail pieces. A lot of times, you do not have enough space to list all of the benefits of your services or products and your website is a perfect place to do that. You can also use QR codes on your direct mail to send them to a specific URL and on that page you can have another call to action. These are just some ideas to drive more traffic to your website. If you do only a few of these things you’re going to see the benefit and if you have the ability and the means to do all of them, you’re going to do well in marketing online. Using some of these ideas will result in better website rankings guaranteed. If you’ve never used direct mail or EDDM and have any questions about it, I suggest you contact Prolific Prints. The owner Ryan Kettering has an incredible eye for design. He is able to take your idea and make it even better than you imagined. His website is

What’s Coming Next From Us

We’re excited to announce that we have some new things in the work for 2016.

From the design side we have:

  • New Layouts & Designs
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  • Feature a Visual Edtior
  • Videos on how to use the WordPress themes

From the education side we have:

  • Videos on on-site optimization
  • Videos on useful plugins
  • Videos on how to interact with Google My Business
  • Videos on Google Search Console
  • & More

If you would like more information on our services feel free to browse our website. If you have any specific questions please give us a call  or email us. You can also find us on Facebook and send us a message there.

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