Steven Hoodlebrink

– Detail oriented, analytical, and creative at targeting keywords that get big results, and beat out the competition while being as cost effective as possible.

– Increase rankings & traffic on Google, Yahoo, Bing by utilizing link building campaigns, and optimized PPC campaigns, social media, blogging and other Whitehat and safe SEO methods.

– I have always considered myself successful in other careers, but my passion has always been all things “techy”​ and computer related. I stay up to date with the new changes in the search engine algorithms, Google Penguin, Google Panda, and for those in the hospitality business – the NEW Google Carousel update, and other internet marketing strategies.

– Tracking: I believe any and all marketing efforts need to be tracked so that we can see the data on what is working, what needs improving, and what is doing well so we can duplicate it. Not only will I track what we are doing, but I will be tracking the competition to stay ahead.

– I have gotten many clients on the FIRST page of Google, Yahoo and Bing not only in the Places/Maps area, but organically as well, even in high competition markets.

– Every company I work with I consider myself a part of their team, and I take my position – very seriously. Not only is increasing quality traffic to convert into sales my goal. but long-term business relationships with all of my clients with 100% satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I have experience in upper management, operations, and leadership roles in previous career fields so I understand long-term goals and the “bigger picture” of things.

– I truly love helping people and I have found a career that I am extremely passionate about, and have the reward of seeing what I do make significant changes in the organizations that I work with.

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