The Clean Machine


The Clean Machine’s owner Russ contacted me after a few recommendations from some members on a carpet cleaning industry forum. He had a current website and like the overall look for the website but it simply wasn’t converting well. On top of that, it wasn’t ranking as well as it could either. There were many elements we wanted to keep and as you can see from the screenshots posted above, there are still several elements there.

Here are the issues that the website had:

  1. The homepage lacked the right content to let the reader or visitor know what The Clean Machine had to offer as a company.
  2. The phone number was there but wasn’t as visible as it could be.
  3. The menu system was a mess and was difficult to use.
  4. There were too many pages with lack of content.
  5. There wasn’t any on-page optimization for SEO.
  6. There wasn’t a photo gallery to display their work so a visitor could see real before and after photos of their work.

Here is how we fixed each of the problems:

  1. On the homepage, we added a letter from the owner that simply allowed Russ to speak from the heart about the service his company provides. Russ is very passionate about his business and he wanted the visitor to gleam that from his letter. As you can see on the right hand side, we added the services that the company provides. There is a small excerpt of each service with the option to be able to read more.
  2. The phone number we simply made it bigger and more noticeable.
  3. The menu system we cleaned up and fixed the spacing issues. There were also some issue with the top-level links and we fixed those as well.
  4. Since there were too many smaller pages, we simply combined similar content onto fewer pages in an organized format.
  5. We do our best to write great unique content for all of our clients that is search engine friendly but still readable to the visitor of the website. We ensured that all images have alt and title tags, that all title tags were optimized, as well as all meta description tags as well.
  6. We added a photo gallery for the before and after photos which we edited so that they load quickly.

Please click the following link if you’d like to learn more about our website re-design service.

Please click the following link if you would like to learn more about our web design service or click here for carpet cleaning websites.